Could not get any confirmation email from Exercism

Hi Exercism support,

I could not get confirmation email.
I tried many times, but it hasn’t worked yet.
My registration email : hidden

Please help me to check my account.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @mr-device - thanks for reaching out.

I’ll follow up on this and see what we can do.

Have you checked your spam folder?

Hi @jonathanmiddleton,

I checked the spam folder many times.
But there is no confirmation email.
I also tried to request confirmation email again.
But it hasn’t worked yet.

Please help me to check it.

Thanks for your help !

Hi @jonathanmiddleton,

How about my request.
I sent full information to you.

Thank you.

Hi @mr-device - Sorry for my delay in reaching out. I’m sorry about this situation…it is frustrating.

I asked our tech team to look into it and everything was working as normal from our side.

Can I ask you to try sign up again but with a different email and see if that works?


Hi @jonathanmiddleton,

I would like to keep my username.
But it said that “Handle has already been taken” !
Could you help me to check the root cause.

Thanks @

Hey @mr-device - can you try and log in with the original details?

Otherwise, I’ll ask for your associated account to be deleted so that the handle can be freed up again.

Oh also, please give me your handle.