Create a new track for Postgresql

The issue was closed and even though I’m not the author, I think it’d be great to have an SQL course be it postgres or mariadb. Given most opensource projects use one or the other.

It was pointed out that a PL/SQL course exists but given the description, it doubt it’s very useful to the majority of learners since Oracle Database is proprietary software.

Oracle PL/SQL is an extension of regular SQL that adds support for procedural programming using constructs like loops and conditions.

I’m using pgexercises dot com and postgresqltutorial dot com to learn at the moment which could be used as inspiration.

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All the tracks (I believe) are created and maintained by volunteers. It would be lovely to have more tracks … but that needs someone to put in the work to build and maintain them :slight_smile:

Of course. They just moved such requests here, hence this post :slight_smile: and unobfuscated for ease of access.

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Couldn’t post more than 2 links as a new member. Thanks for doing it for me


Thanks for upvoting my question.

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