Create new track for Phix

What programming language should we add? Phix

What is the official website for the language?

Is this a language that comes in many variants? If so, which variant should we support? No, just 1.0.5 or later.

Does the language have an official logo? If so

  • please include a link to an example svg or png or png
  • please list the attribution rights of that logo
    Created from scratch by mine own fair hands. Erm, Academic Free License version 3.0 would match similar bits of Phix.
    Let me know if you think it needs improving or struggle with it in any way (not that I’m a graphics expert, nor am I expecting much, but will accept advice, plus anything that might make exercism look better would not do me any harm). There is also a meaningless green tick knocking around in several places that deserves replacing with that as well (by me), which I mention because the origin/attribution rights of that are long lost.

Is there a testing framework available for the language? Yes, described at unit_test which creates consistent output the testrunner (already done) can parse.

Is this language listed as ‘supported’ by Highlightjs? Yes, but only fairly recently. My cm5 attempt can be found as phix.js in the root of the repository linked below, and a demo of it at Syntax Highlighting With CodeMirror 5 - alas cm6 proved itself way beyond my skill set.

Who will be leading the effort to launch the track? Pete Lomax @petelomax (language author)

I’ve created a temporary draft repository: GitHub - petelomax/exercism-phix: Exercism exercises in Phix. - I fully expect that will end up getting deleted and am not even slightly fazed by the thought of transfering all files out of it manually.
In fact and tbh, I’m experiencing a few silly “clone/fork” issues that make a “github-clean” repository sound sensible.
I’d also be fine with starting small and/or applying a sensible rate-limit to avoid overloading anyone or anything.
I’ve done quite a few, mainly because I realised early on it would need 1.0.5 and figured I’d better finish fiddling with and ship that first.

Also, GitHub - rzuckerm/phix-docker-images: Docker images for Phix programming language is a 1.0.5 docker file that should hopefully be useful. I doubt gcc will be of any use.


The repo and team have been created:
Thanks for working on it!


I think it’s pretty much ready for launch now.

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