Create new track for [Solidity]

Web3 is getting more popular and many languages are being used and created , I have learned a bit of Solidity using CryptoZombies which had many similarities with JS and tinkered a bit with smart contract, but I would like it to be added to excersim to practice more :)

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Someone once started working on the track, which is why we have a track repo for solidity: GitHub - exercism/solidity: Exercism exercises in Solidity. However, they’ve only done some preliminary track as it is far from being completed. On New Track | Exercism's Docs there is information on how to build a new track if you’re interested in doing so.

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I saw that some changes were made to the way of contribution in Github and many are still to come. Regarding Solidity I have some ideas and would gladly help and/or tinker a bit with it, but I am unsure if I have enough technical capabilities for it. Still would be happy to help with what I can

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Is anyone already working on this Solidity new track? I am a Web3 developer and want to build this track. I noticed that in that solidity repo “No work has been done on the track for over a year.”. If no one is actively working on it, I am willing to prepare the contents and start a brand new track.


@LIYANG-UST Thanks for your interest! :) No-one is actively working on it. We should probably do some planning before we reopen the repository.

Firstly, can you take a look at “Hello World”, and tell me what you think about the design decisions made there: solidity/exercises/practice/hello-world at main · exercism/solidity · GitHub

(If you’re not familiar with Hello World, it’s a standard Exercise across all tracks - please go solve it on a couple of tracks to familiarise yourself with it)

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