Creating an Idris Track

Is anyone working on adding an Idris track to Exercism? If so how would I assist in creating such a track? I’m working on learning Idris and some exercises to practice on would be a help so I’d like to help others to get such a track going if possible.

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If there is no-one you might want to start a track by yourself.
Here are the docs for creating a new track.

For context, there’s already a start of this at GitHub - exercism/idris: Exercism exercises in Idris. - no test runner yet though.

Erik’s off sick, but will probably be able to offer guidance when he’s back.

As @iHiD said there was already some work done on an Idris track. There was a note in the Github repo about if someone wanted to work on the track, they should post here so I’m posting here :grinning:

Thanks Jeremy! I couldn’t tell from the GH repo if there is someone actively working on it or not (there doesn’t appear to be) so I wanted to make sure I said something here so as to not rudely trounce all over someone else’s work. :smiley:

If you have questions about building a track, I can also help answer them. At the moment, I’m helping build tracks for Haxe, GDScript, Pyret, and SQLite at the moment, but I also maintain a few active tracks. We can chat here or on Discord.

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Thanks @BNAndras! I think I’m going to wait a little bit to see if anyone else steps forward to claim the work for an Idris track; as I say I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

Pretty sure no-one will claim it - the last significant commit was 7 years ago! :slight_smile:

I can see what you’re saying Jeremy :smile: How many exercises does one need to create to roll out a new track? Is there any sort of test environment where I can post what’s already there in the repo to ensure what’s there right now works?

@ErikSchierboom can add the track to the site and set you up a boostrapping issue, but he’s off ill atm. Hopefully he’s back tomorrow or Tuesday :slight_smile:

There’s no rush whatever. Thanks for your help with this Jeremy!

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From Request a new Exercism language track

The minimum to launch a track is:

  • 20 practice exercises

I’d be happy to contribute a handful of exercises.

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Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! I guess I’m just waiting for Erik to do the initial setup.

He should be back around to do this tomorrow or Thursday.

I’ve created a tracking issue: Launch tracking · Issue #125 · exercism/idris · GitHub

I’ve also done some cleanup work and created this issue: Move from Travis to GitHub Actions · Issue #126 · exercism/idris · GitHub

@OnorioCatenacci You should have a GitHub invite to join the Idris team.

Thank you Erik! Got the invite! I’ll get going on this when I’ve got time! Thanks for the assistance!

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