Creating canonical data for ledger

I filed a PR to create canonical data in the problem specs for the ledger exercise. I ought to have started a discussion prior to filing the PR, but better late than never :slight_smile:

The test data is 100% lifted from the Python track and is an exact copy of the test cases there. I believe it’s also a close match to the C#, F#, Go and Java tests.

Any thoughts or comments on this change would be appreciates here on this forum post. If there’s no issues with this change, I’d also be grateful for PR approvals from maintainers!

From the Python perspective I think we’ll keep the exercise track-local for now - so I’d vote for closing the PR, unless other tracks would like to formulate canonical-data from their test files.

The exercises isn’t a Python specific exercise. I’m not sure what you mean by keeping it track local.