Creative Programming? Processing, Supercollider and Sonic Pi..?

i am new to programming so i can´t be much of help but i recently stumbled upon creative programming and i thought it would be fun to have on exercism. Anyone got experience with audio programming and media/art/creative programming? For instance on YouTube there is The Coding Train that made lots tutorials on the Processing language which is pretty much connected with JavaScript and Java. I checked on Github and the Supercollider community has lot of material added by the contributors while the Sonic Pi less.


Exercism tracks are all volunteer built. If you think one of those would fit the Exercism paradigm and would like to build out a track, that would be lovely!

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I am a complete beginner. I am learning P5.js now from The Coding Train course on youtube and the Processing compiler looks more like a compiler for multiple languages. If anyone has an idea how the processing language might fit in a track is welcome to reply.
I am also interested in an audio programming track and i wonder if it would be possible to create.
Processing has also support for an audio engineering language called SuperCollider.
I think the creator of the Gleam language had some experience with audio programming if he would like to add some information i would be glad to know more about it.

Yes, it is entirely possible to create a new track. But first someone needs to volunteer to build it :slightly_smiling_face: Until someone volunteers, there is not much that can be done.

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