Crystal Track Update for May 2023!

Crystal blog post 2023/5/31

There isn’t a lot of news to report this month since last month featured an operation.
Development for the next operation has started and next month I hope to be able to go into more detail.

New exercises

I want to thank @ryanplusplus for creating (for the track) all of the following exercises:

  • dominoes, create a program that creates a domino chain.
  • Rail Fence Cipher , Decode and encode the rail fence chiper.
  • Change, calculate the fewest numbers of coins in an exchange.
  • Two bucket, determine which bucket to fill and how many steps it requires.


The representer used an incorrect docker version which used 1,2 gb. A fix was applied which reduced the amount to 500 mb.

What is coming

More work has gone into the learning mode this month and 4 concepts are currently merged in and there is work on other concepts to get them also merged in. The development of the next operation will increase in speed. Currently, the operation is looking to include Crystal 1.9, Representer improvements and maybe a rebalance to the rating system together with a rework for binary search tree.


Great work, Carl! Thanks for posting such comprehensive overviews of the work you do. It’s so cool to see.