[Currency Exchange] Pylint warning for missing module docstring

I got this warning from Pylint when submit the [Currenct Exchange] exercise.

Our Python Analyzer generated this feedback when analyzing your solution.
Good work! 🌟 Here are some general recommendations for improving your Python code.
Line 1 [C0114 missing-module-docstring] : ["Missing module docstring"] was reported by Pylint.

Which means this code doesn't follow general code style conventions. While this type of issue generally doesn't affect the way code executes, it can hurt readability or the performance of automated tools such as documentation generators or test runners.

So, I added module docstring at the top of exchange.py to solved it.

    This module contains functions for performing currency exchange operations.
def exchange_money(budget, exchange_rate):

I think it would be great if core maintainer can patch this warning on https://github.com/exercism/python/blob/main/exercises/concept/currency-exchange/exchange.py and https://github.com/exercism/python/blob/main/exercises/concept/currency-exchange/.meta/exemplar.py

I can open PR for this fixes, If maintainer need.

Hi @l2D :wave:

Welcome to Exercism, and thank you for the post. :smile:

I’ve fixed this in PR 3600. Let me know if you have any additional questions or issues.

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