Data Structure Algorithms (DSA) on Exercism!

Can we add a separate module/section for DSA in Exercism? It should allow the people to practice DSA in any language (like C, JAVA, Python) :thinking:. It should have tier system from Beginner to Advanced. Contributors and senior devs can post interview questions and exercise based on DSA. It will widen user base and community on platform.

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Forgive me - I am unfamiliar with the acronym - what is DSA?

Do you have links/examples you can show of what you have in mind?

Fortunately, they defined that abbreviation in Discord, DSA: Data Structure Algorithms. I had initially the same question, until I saw it there.

DSA (Data Structure Algorithms)Definition: A data structure is a method of organizing data in a virtual system. Think of sequences of numbers, or tables of data: these are both well-defined data structures. An algorithm is a sequence of steps executed by a computer that takes an input and transforms it into a target output.


Something like Leetcode but with help, guidance and structured pathways by community, mentors and senior dev.

This platform will likely won’t introduce competitive coding, atleast that’s the response I got.

But atleast we can get DSA related intermediate to advance problems from/similar to CodeForces, HackerRank, CodeChef, leetcode etc.