Deduping does not list all unique solutions

In the Clojure track i’ve noticed a weird issue. Take this exercise for example,

I can see 13 solutions, the highest submitted has only 1 submisson. I’m sure at least 100 people solved it, and according to the representer all solutions are unique. So most of the solutions aren’t shown.

This could be an issue across many tracks.

Thanks. Looks like lots of solutions in Clojure haven’t been run through the representer. I’ll fix that and look at other tracks.

Hmm, this seems to have improved things. Now i see 183 solutions and the highest submission count is 1. Does this mean there are only 183 unique solutions that pass the tests? I still think that’s too low for a 5+ year old easy exercise. Before the deduping exercises with less than 200 submissions were medium/hard.

Also, i’m noticing something odd in the first pages of the automation tab. There are too many exercises with an unusual high number of representations. For example the first entry is “Bob” with 991 occurrences. Clicking on this exercise shows both the empty starter source file and a representation. The fifth entry is “Anagram” with 443 occurrences of a representation that appears to be just the starter source file.

For this exercises, there have been 240 solutions published. Over those, 198 are unique published solutions. I’m not sure why the max is showing as only 1. I’ll need to look into that. But the overall count seems roughly right.

This is probably because we’ve run representations on solutions that don’t pass the tests now. We probably need to do a filter for that on the automation page. Could you open a seperate post for that please for us to track?

The issue here is that this solution has been uploaded 42 times. But the first instance of it is now by a deleted user, which means it’s not showing in the search ordering.

Actually, the issue’s not this. The issue is that we only show solutions that pass the latest tests now, and this one doesn’t. It doesn’t because the file isn’t in /src, but just at the apex. Presumably at some point the clojure track changed things, so I’m pretty sure this is all correct.

And this solution already has 2 stars. This could easily mean that people were re-submitting the most starred solution. So the issue now is that this solution isn’t shown, right?

total (240) = (unique) 198 + (non-unique) 42

I’m not sure there is an issue at all having checked. We don’t show failing solutions and as far as I can tell, we’re showing all passing ones. It’s unfortunate that it’s failing due to a change on the track, but I by default it wouldn’t have shown up before this change either for this reason.

I see. You still want a separate post about filtering them out in automation?