Description error for Authentication-System

Errata: exercise Authentication-System task 5 the last sentence should read “Find a way to prevent the caller [from] modifying the details of [developers] on the Authenticator object.” Authentication System in C# on Exercism
“from” is a minor gramatical thing (also present in item 4) but the “admin” vs “developers” looks like a copy-paste error from item 4.

Would you be interested in submitting a PR?

I’m not sure how involved that would be to do.

You can edit this file: csharp/exercises/concept/authentication-system/.docs/ at main · exercism/csharp · GitHub (can be done directly on the website).

Done. How might I find a direct GitHub web interface url for Exercism in the future?

There is an “Edit via GitHub” link on the exercise page:

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