Difference in reputation

I was wondering why my reputation differs in my profile and other places:

Any ideas what’s happening here?

No :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if maybe you’ve unpublished some solutions, or left a track, and one of the totals doesn’t update. Have you done anything like that recently?

No, I didn’t do anything. Just wondered why I’m below 2k again.

The total reputation tokens you have add up to 1,990. That’s the correct value.

There are a couple of ways that number could have gone down:

  1. PRs you’ve made have had the size labels retrofitedly added, reducing the rep for eafch one
  2. Exercises have been marked easier, so your publishing rep has gone down (as you get different rep per difficulity)
  3. Some reputation tokens have been deleted.

Of these, I think both (1) and (2) have potentially happened.

  1. e.g. fixed protein-translation.spec.coffee by ladokp · Pull Request #266 · exercism/coffeescript · GitHub
  2. e.g. Sort exercises by displayed difficulty and name (#285) · exercism/coffeescript@27e7c7e · GitHub (this maybe a noop - I can’t easily see)

Both of these are slightly frustrating. I wonder if we need to have a guard that says “after X days, reputation earned is locked in and can’t be changed”

The reason that the older number still appeared is a bug that we’ll fix.

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Alright, thanks for your detailed answer. :grinning:

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Yeah, I didn’t change the exercise difficulties in the second example, but I did label PRs retroactively in CoffeeScript so that was my bad.

I’d be strongly in favor of a rep guard when the exercise difficulty goes down but not up. A lot of exercises are marked 1 because the person porting the exercise may not have opted to set a difficulty at the time. Therefore, the exercise could actually be a medium or hard exercise in disguise and a student solving it when it’s marked easy shouldn’t lose out on rep when the difficulty gets adjusted.

When an exercise difficulty goes down, I think the rep shouldn’t be affected unless the test suite is also touched (tests added/removed). Otherwise, we’re effectively penalizing the student for trying harder exercises. If the test suite isn’t touched, the student’s solution shouldn’t need to change so they solved it as a hard exercise, not an easy one, and deserve the full rep.