Difficult to get back to Exercism from Community Forum

It is easy to get here from the Exercise platform, but it is not as easy the other way. The tab lands you in here, with no similar way back.

If the exercise platform is the main feature, then you would think that the ease would at least be the other way around.

I think we really want it to be easily bi-directional, though.


We might be seeing different things, but I have a “Back to Exercism” button under the Hey Welcome to Exercise Community! banner. That dumps me back on the main site, but not the Community tab (if that is what you’re asking for).

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I do not see any links like that on the page.

I click on Community tab, and end up in the forums page, with no reference back to the platform other than the browser back key.

Wait. It might be a cultural thing, but instead of going “backward” it points “forward”. I thought it was to another subcategory.

However, the arrow facing right matches the prior arrow that indicates we go deeper into this site. So it is confusing.

As it took me a while to find it from a verbal description.

This section is talked about:

(The darker tint is from my screenshot app failing its job)

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Thanks for the heads up @kotp

Will add this to the list of items to refine in the coming weeks.