"Disconnected" Syllabus View on Python Track

Did we change something in the way our Syllabus trees are rendered?

@vaeng just pointed out to me today that the Python Syllabus looks weirdly disconnected – the tree below loops isn’t connected to the concepts above. Additionally, multiple concepts are now connected via dotted lines, so there sin’t a clear path of progression.

Not sure how long it’s been this way - but a check of the config.json file shows that the loops concept has lists, list-methods, and comparisons as prerequisites - so that might be an issue?

Some of this may also be my maintainers view - there are WIP exercises showing in my tree view that might not be visible for students.

In any case, the below looks wrong, and I can’t see anything obviously amiss in the track config.jsonyet. Thoughts?

This is a lot more connected on your side than it is on mine:

I have seen the same behavior on the swift syllabus. No clue what is causing it.

I also have some disconnects on the C++ track:

The pop-up is correct, but I would have expected some conneection to the boolean concept from the if statements.

It seems to be the actual SVG rendering that’s going wrong. The viewbox has no width from what I can tell. The circles have also gone wrong (where the lines touch the boxes). According to git, this code’s not been touched in two years, so either some underlying library update has broken this, or something else unrelated has had a side-effect.

Anyone got a sense when this started?

I saw it first when I started looking more deeply at swift and that was around 29 of May.

Worked it out: Fix concept map by iHiD · Pull Request #5522 · exercism/website · GitHub