Discord in Forum or Forum in Discord?

Is there going to be a connection between Discord and the Forum? Not everyone’s in the forum (presumably) and similarly not everyone’s in Discord, so how to I get a request/idea out to everyone? I just posted an idea for a video on Discord. Maybe no one will take it up but if I post it here, someone might. What’s the best place or what goes where and does everyone know what goes where? (I obviously don’t know what goes where otherwise I wouldn’t be asking all these questions.)

I don’t think there is a way to reach everyone. Everyone is not on the forum nor on Discord nor on the two combined. People who are on either don’t read all the messages. Discord messages tend to scroll past quickly and many people won’t read messages more than 5 messages old.

IHiD can mass email the userbase, which probably gets more eyes than most other Exercism communication. There’s also the website banned (“Please donate”) which gets a lot of eyes.

If the goal is to reach everyone, iHiD can do that. But I’m guessing that’s not actually the goal? If your goal is to have a thoughtful, in depth discussion of a topic or get it seen by the most number of “Insiders” (Exercism team, maintainers, mentors, etc), Discourse is probably the best. It moves slow, topics stay visible for a while and things go stale less quickly. If you want more of a “real time” discussion about a topic, Discord tends to be pretty good for that.

@IsaacG What about something “simple” like: there is a channel in discord and when someone creates a new topic in discourse, a notification/message in that channel shows up with the title and a link.
I don’t need the content synced both ways but I don’t like that I currently always have to check both spaces to see whether there is anything relevant for me popping up somewhere.


That’s a good idea! I think syncing new Discourse topics to a Discord server should be pretty simple to set up.