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Ambiguous subject but now that you’re here, there’s an interesting discussion there about the lack of organisation on Discord. Was trashing Slack a solution or dis-solution?

Slack was never intended for use by non-mentors/maintainers/team so I don’t think Slack has much to do with a conversation about providing student support.

However my initial grumble was about how discord doesn’t help maintainer-Bruce. It helps student-Bruce but that’s not what Bruce is mostly being at the moment.

My impression was that the discord was set up purely as a social space to hang out. Whatever extra structure we want to build atop that is very much a work in process.

For us maintainers, having a searchable tag system would be very helpful though.

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We’re now live streaming sessions on Twitch, which is of zero interest to Isaac :slightly_smiling_face: As Exercism spreads out across more platforms, some of those platforms and projects may be of little interest or value to some users, and that’s okay. If there’s value to other users, they may benefit from it. Not every platform needs to serve the same group of users and the various platforms may develop different sub communities with varying levels of overlap.

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