Discourse/Github integration

If we are wanting conversations to happen on Exercism Forums, the Discourse Code Review plugin might be interesting.

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Thanks for the link. I think I’d rather this be the space for conversations about ideas, features, bugs, etc. And keep GitHub to be the place for discussions on PRs. I feel like merging them probably just makes it confusing about what is supposed to be discussed where.

I get that. I appreciate that even.

This is one way for issues to be discussed and be made available here as well, since it is bidirectional.

It may be a good way to link the PR’s where discussion of the PR happens, linked to the discussion of the features that would happen here, in a way that is more automatically linked together.

I was only thinking of the issues being available here, where the “if issues are discussed on Github, they are also automatically discussed here” effect of the bidirectional integration.

What I anticipate is the repeated “Discuss the issue on the forums, not in an issue” message that is likely to happen. This would do away with that “retraining”.