Display of points has changed (for the worse)

When you click the points icon at the top of the exercism screen, the awarded points used to be displayed in time order, most recent first. Now it appears that mentoring points are prioritized.

The problem in my case is that I stopped mentoring a few years ago, and am not really interested in seeing those points, but I do want to see my recent awarded points (for exercise submissions).

Would it be possible to change this back so that point awards are displayed in reverse chronological order regardless of source?


Might be a bug. Because the awarded points popup does not even show my mentoring sessions in this week, the displayed ones are quite old. And for some reason, the PR I submitted five days ago comes at the bottom, while the mentoring discussions from 11 days ago is at the top.

Going to the actual contributions page (“See how you earned all your reputation”) shows everything in the correct order…

… and marking it all as seen solved this problem. The thing is, though, I did see all of these notifs (like manually) before, and the orange dot has disappeared, so I’m not sure why this is happening.

I have also noticed that this isn’t showing up in chronological order

There’s a pending PR about this: [Pending MySQL update] Order of unseen reputation tokens descendingly by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5960 · exercism/website · GitHub

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This issue has reared its ugly head again. The points history actually changes with each viewing, and it doesn’t appear to be in chronological order.

Also, the timestamps are incorrect as well. It’s saying that I mentored a specific person “a month ago” when in actuality it was 5 years ago.