Do we get notifications about new comments in a solution?

When I browse a community solution that I don’t fully understand, I raise a question using the name of the author, assuming that this will send them a notification. Does the author get notification if mention or NOT mention their handle?

When they respond, I expected to get notification, but I did not. For example, in this thread, I raised a question to @SleeplessByte, to which he responded after a week, but I did NOT remember getting any email notification. When I landed on the solution page accidentally, I saw his response and I was surprised. Is there any setting that I have to turn on to get notification?

Unfortunately no. No notifications are sent at the moment.

There are plans to get threaded replies in there and have notifications automatically.

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Excellent Derk - both would be useful.

Is there a way to merge the forum with the solutions so that the discussions below each solution becomes a forum post which is linked to the exercism using some mechanism? Just a suggestion for you to consider as most of the notification/threading functionality is already there in forums.

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Good question.

The answer is probably: with enough dev time ;)