Do we need a separate phix-test-runner repo?

While I’m here, is there a bit of code somewhere that patches include {slug}.e to include .meta/example.e or am I making that up?

Also, the test runner is currently in the main phix repo - won’t moving it out of that break the CI builds?

You need to move it to another repo, this is because of how the docker setup is and to keep everything strucutred. But nothings hinder you from pulling the test runner repo into the main repo for ci.

The Vim script track uses its test runner Docker image for its CI. Just check out the track repo using that image and run your script to verify exercises. That’s fairly straightforward and allows us to target Vim 9, which isn’t in the Ubuntu 22.04 repos.

Otherwise, the CI just needs to mimic how the test runner works so you have more flexibility if you don’t use the Docker image. For the Racket track, the CI tests the BC and CS variants for multiple versions to show students can solve the exercises locally even on an older version.