Do we need to unlock the #48in24 exercise for each language?

I want to solve the 48in24 exercise in certain languages. The only way I could figure is for each language start the track, complete exercises to unlocking exercise and finally submit the solution for 48in24 problem statement.

Is this the only way or can we directly attempt solving the problem statement using a particular language?

Sometimes you don’t want to have to work through a whole track to unlock a specific exercises, especially for ⁠48in24. Lots of people don’t realise you can disable Learning Mode to achieve this.
To make this easier, we’ve added a link on every locked exercise (see video). Tomorrow we’ll will also be adding a new choice when you start a track that lets you opt out then if you so desire :tada:

You also get a modal when you start any track now asking if you’d rather be in Practice Mode, so it’s even simpler.

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Is the idea that the player would not be in Practice Mode for the duration of the challenge?

Users can opt into either mode at any point based on what works best for their learning!

That’s an interesting difference because I guess overall the idea would be to know enough about the language to solve the problem, which can be accomplished either by following the track or using documentation to acquire just enough to complete the challenge.