Do you think we should unlock exercises during mentoring?

I’ve started on the Ruby track, which has a learning mode. So I complete an exercise, but it turns out I can’t move on to the next set of exercises (they don’t get unlocked) until I mark this as complete. I generally don’t mark them as complete until I finish with a mentor session (perhaps this is wrong?).

I was wondering if follow-on exercises could get unlocked after the first iteration of an exercise is solved? After all, it’s mostly improvement after that, and the basic requirement (knowing the concept) is generally done. What’re the reasons behind the current design?

This could by bypassed by turning off learning mode, which is not what I want. I appreciate the learning mode feature, just want to get onto exercises while mentors reply.

It may be a function of “mentor slots available” in part, as well.

Completing the exercise early works for a few students that want to dive deeper in the exercise, while continuing on to another exercise.

The “End discussion” says that it will end the discussion, but so far, I have found that it really does not need to, while it will put you in a place to “complete” the exercise as a “state” but continue as you want to.

If you hit that “End discussion” you can let the mentor know that you really are not intending to end the discussion. But it does have some differences in how we end up getting notifications and tracking. (I do find it a little bit disjointed on the platform, but I often use the platform in ways that it is not designed for anyway).

You can actually mark the exercise as complete without ending the discussion, which is what I’m doing.

But is it possible (or could we implement a feature) to unlock follow on exercises after the first successful iteration of an exercise?

I do not think it is possible to unlock follow-on exercises without changing from Learning mode to (I think it is “Practice”) the other mode as is being described.