Docs broken links

Unfortunately, several links in the official docs are broken (due to folder name change or folder structure change).

Here are some examples:

  • Relative links (main docs repo): This link points to /docs/building/configlet/... where it should be /building/configlet/...
    -External to the docs repo: This link points to ...exercises/concept/stage-heralding where it’s now ...exercises/concept.wip/stage-heraldingexercises/concept.wip/stage-heralding

I propose not only a fix, but also use a GitHub action that should catch these errors. The options are:

  • Checking on pull requests/code pushes
  • Use a job to run that link checker

This action allows caching, which would prevent hitting GitHub rate limit. This is an, example run, though you will see I hit the rate limit (I believe it’s because I don’t have a GH token for the Exercism org?).

Hello. The docs are supposed to be consumed on the website not in GitHub. Are the docs broken on the website too? (e.g. this is the configlet doc: Configlet | Exercism's Docs)

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You are right, I didn’t do a good job reading the README. However, the Julia ones (from my the external repo example) are actually broken: Exercise stories | Exercism's Docs

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Thanks. Yeah - if you’d like to PR that and tag @ErikSchierboom as a reviewer, we’ll merge that :slight_smile: