Documentation: clarify that the solution, not the just the number, is a natural number in square-root

I just wanted to point out that in the Python square-root exercise the instructions say that they are “only testing natural numbers.” But it’s also true that the solutions are all natural numbers too. This wasn’t clear to me, and it changes the way one would go about solving the problem.

If you would like to propose a rephrase of the instruction append file for Python, I will welcome (and reopen!) a PR. :smile:

Sure, that sound great. I’ll do my best. I’ve done some PRs for other other projects. Do I have to clone the repository in order to create a PR? Thanks.

The workflow is the same for most projects. You make a personal clone, push a commit to your clone, then open a Pull Request, asking to merge the commit from your clone into the upstream repo. Bonus points for using feature branches!

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Great! If someone could re-open Clarify that the root is a natural number in square-root documentation · Issue #3594 · exercism/python · GitHub then I’ll submit a PR.

Big +1 for feature branches, and for PR titles and descriptions that clearly state what is being changed and why. :wink:

Reopened, reviewed and merged! Thanks for the PR, @ksnortum! :sparkles: