Documentation for exercises.practice.topics in config.json?

I couldn’t find documentation for the “topics” field in the config.json, I assumed that it would either be in Practice Exercises | Exercism's Docs or config.json | Exercism's Docs. Is this attribute deprecated?


        "slug": "hello-world",
        "name": "Hello World",
        "uuid": "c4fdc935-885b-44bd-84e4-fae4a09e8c39",
        "practices": [],
        "prerequisites": [],
        "difficulty": 1,
        "topics": [

I believe topics go hand in hand with prerequisites. Some exercises have prerequisites and are only unlocked after completing exercises which teach those topics.

In short, yes.

topics was used in V2 and is superseded in V3 by the practices and prerequisites fields. The reason the topics field is still there is to help the transition for V3. For instance, if you see strings in topics it’s a good indicator that strings or concepts related to strings are probably good candidates for practices or prerequisites.

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