Documentation update for Two Fer exercise

I am creating this forum post for discussion of this PR
Update by brehberg 路 Pull Request #82 路 exercism/wasm (

I changed the documentation to match the spec, but maybe it is better to change the spec to match the docs? :person_shrugging:


Adjusted byte range to match values in two-fer.spec.js
const inputOffset = 64;
const inputBufferCapacity = 128;

Changing documentation is better. Otherwise we might break completed/published solutions that previously passed.

I am noticing a few more exercises that are slightly off. For example:

  • Resistor Color
  • Rna Transcription

Both of these have the same byte range in the spec file as Two Fer, but the description says " input string uses bytes 64-189 "

Does it make sense to combine all three corrections into a single PR?