Does the R programming track provide challenges for OOP as well?

Hi, along with practicing my fundamental of R programming, I’m also looking to practice OOP in R. Are there challenges related to that as well?

None of the current exercises are specifically about OOP. In general, practice exercises try to be neutral about how you implement the solution, so it may be possible to use OOP in some cases (I haven’t tried).

This is the sort of thing that may be covered more explicitly in a future Learning Track, but nothing like that is likely to be available for R any time soon. Sorry, there are limited resources available to work on the R track, and creating a learning syllabus is a big job.

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Yes, as @colinleach has outlined there is as yet no learning track / syllabus for R, nevermind a focus on OOP in R. The triangle practice exercise was created with tests that expect a basic OOP implementation (i.e. an S3 class) since this seemed like a reasonable approach to me at the time but as far as I recall is the only exercise that requires OOP for now.

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Ah ok, thanks. Also I planning on practicing my R programming skills fundamentals via the challenges provided. Do you think the challenges provided would be a good way to start ?