Donating to exercism

I have two pointed questions:

  1. How large does a donation need to be to acquire “Insider” status? I am getting a small windfall in November and intend on donating then.

  2. I am actually already an insider but I didn’t pay anything. Is this a glitch? I am not sure what I clicked on the other night when I was navigating around, but now I have an “Insider” icon when I didn’t pay anything.

Thank you.

Hey there.

  1. Donating $9.99 gives a month’s access, $499 gets it you forever.
  2. You apparently once tried to sign up to Premium via Paypal, but your subscription is in a weird state. Did you pay for Premium for a year or did it get cancelled?If you paid, you get Insiders (Premium and Insiders merged). If it was cancelled, I’ll sort this out. It’s a legacy bug. Thanks for telling us :blue_heart:

I think I did select PayPal but I backed out before completing the purchase. So it likely was cancelled. Since it appears to be legacy bug, you can remove Insider’s from my profile for now. I will rightly pay for a full year’s subscription in November.

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Thanks so much. Erik is going to fix the bug when he’s back and we’ll check the fix works on your account :)

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