`dotnet test` and skipped tests

Is there a recipe to use the --filter option to include skipped tests, or do I need to edit the test suite to remove the Skip directive?

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I guess, the --filter option can only be used, to exclude more tests, but not to include them.
I updated the PowerShell script of the referenced topic to also remove the skip-properties of F# and VB tests.
Just copy that code into your $profile file and use “dotnet testall” to run all tests

# catch call to exercism.exe
# this automatically changes the working folder
# when you download a new exercise
function exercism {
        [string]$keyword = ""
    # run exercism.exe with the given arguments
    exercism.exe $keyword @args
    # if keyword is "download", extract exercise and track and go to that folder
    if ($keyword -eq "download") {

        # get exercise
        $exercise = (
            $args | 
            where {$_.StartsWith("--exercise=")} | 
            select -First 1

        # get track
        $track = (
            $args | 
            where {$_.StartsWith("--track=")} | 
            select -First 1

        # go to that folder
        cd  $env:USERPROFILE\Exercism\$track\$exercise

# catch call to dotnet.exe
# adds command "dotnet testall"
# this lets you run all tests, even if they're marked "skip"
function dotnet {
        [string]$keyword = ""

    # if keyword = "testall", remove all skip parameters in first test file and run test
    if ($keyword -eq "testall") {
        $testFile = dir -File | where {[Regex]::IsMatch($_.Name, 'Tests\.(cs|fs|vb)$', "IgnoreCase")} | select -First 1
        if ($testFile -eq $null) {throw "no test file found. Please check if you're in the exercise folder"}

        $originalContent = Get-Content $testFile -Raw

        # Depending on language, use different removement methods
        # Removement is done with Regex, so the Skip properties will also be removed, 
        # if there's a different text attached to them
        # !!ATTENTION!! : Doesn't work if a closing bracket is in the Skip-string
        $regExPattern = switch ($testFile.Extension.ToLower()) {
            ".cs" {'(?i)(?<=\[Fact)\s*\(\s*Skip.*?\)'}
            ".fs" {'(?i)(?<=\[<Fact)\s*\(\s*Skip.*?\)'}
            ".vb" {'(?i)(?<=\<Fact)\s*\(\s*Skip.*?\)'}
        $skipFreeContent = [Regex]::Replace($originalContent, $regExPattern, "")

        # run "dotnet test" with the skip free file, then restore the original contents
        Set-Content -Path $testFile.FullName -Value $skipFreeContent
        try {
            dotnet.exe test @args
        } finally {
            Set-Content -Path $testFile.FullName -Value $originalContent
    } else {
        # pass all other commands to dotnet.exe directly
        dotnet.exe $keyword @args

I’m sorry, there is no such option.

I’m Linux user, so this is bash. My exercism test function includes this:

jq -r '.files.test[]' .exercism/config.json \
| xargs perl -i -pe 's/\(Skip = .*?\)//'

dotnet test