Each flip to a new page of /notifications?page=%d briefly displays ?page=1

While looking at notifications (exercism dot org/notifications?page=5) – each click of a bottom-row button (number / Next / Previous) briefly flashes the ?page=1 (most recent) contents before redrawing to ?page=n.

I noticed this as I was searching for a student’s name and kept seeing tantalizing flashes – which were not present once the display settled. I eventually realized I was getting flashes of their presence on the newest page.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Any chance you could record a Loom or something so we can see please? Thanks!

To most strikingly demonstrate:

(1) open the full-page Exercism notifications in a browser tab
(2) make the browser tall enough to be able to see the entire page (25 notifications and the buttons on the bottom are all visible at once; use browser ‘zoom out’ if necessary)
(3) familiarize your eyes with the first few notifications at the top
(4) click the ‘2’ button on the bottom, observe that the first few notifications are now different
(5) position the mouse to click on the ‘Last’ button at the bottom, but do not click
(6) with your eyes on the first notifications at the top of the screen, click ‘Last’
(7) notice that, while it is doing server communications to download the last page of notifications, page one (as seen in step 3) is displayed; not page 2 (as seen in step 4)
(8) click various numbers or ‘Next / Previous / Last’, observe that each click flashes the first notifications. Or just keep clicking ‘Previous’ while watching the grid

Here is a desktop capture FWIW

Thanks :slight_smile: