Editor doesn't use latest version of test module

Continuing the discussion from Sieve exercise: Why does my solution cause errors?:

I’ve made a few changes to how the test module compares and prints arrays in recent PRs. These changes work locally (when re-downloading the exercise via CLI), but they don’t seem to have affected tests run in the editor.

I’ve been trying to learn a bit about how the test runner works to understand this issue… The run.sh script downloads the test module (testlib/TesterMain.f90) from the track repo if /opt/test-runner/testlib/ doesn’t already exist. But this directory is created (and the test module is downloaded to it) when the Docker image is built, so the test module is not downloaded again for each test run.

Is the issue here that deployment of the Docker image to AWS ECR is only triggered when there is a push to the fortran-test-runner repo? The most recent commit was on 5 July, which was before PRs #226 and #227 were merged in the track repo. Would that explain why tests in the editor are not using the current version of TesterMain.f90?

That is all entirely correct.

Thanks Erik. Can you manually run the deploy workflow?

I could, but that wouldn’t help as it would just re-use the Docker cache. The best way around this would be to introduce a file in the test runner that could be changed in order to bust the cache.

Like this?