Elixir test runner failure

Exercise: Robot Simulator

Doing anything that won’t compile results in this error.

Is this just for this exercise or for any exercise?

Seems to be for every exercise

@angelikatyborska @neenjaw @jiegillet Is this intentional or has something regressed somewhere? I feel like it used to be more informative.

@angelikatyborska and another collaborator have been working on updating the track to support Elixir 1.15. Everything in CI has been green to this point as far as I’m aware.

This is likely an unforeseen deployment or production env issue. Can we connect on discord to get a better sense of the logs?

@Meatball, @iHiD and I reverted a recent change to the test-runner. Will investigate more later this week and attempt to redeploy the upgrade.

Hi @Meatball, you should be seeing error output in tests which are running under 1.15 again. Thank you for the report!


Thanks @Meatball for the report! Thanks @dbaer for the speedy diagnosis and solve!

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