Email lost due to college

Hi, I no longer have access to my previous email since I signed up with my college email. I always signed in with GitHub. Is it possible to change it? I do not have access to my old password either or if I ever set one up.

So you can sign in with GitHub currently?

Yes, I can sign in with GitHub but I still have my old email attached to my profile.

Could you email @ErikSchierboom ( with the following details, and he’ll make the change:

  • Your username
  • Your new email address
  • Your API key (to verify your ownership)

And he’ll make the change :slight_smile:

My GitHub email address changed months ago. I’d hoped Exercism could pull the new primary address via OAuth ( that’s how that works no? ) as I now get no notifications – they are perhaps still being sent to the old defunct address. :mailbox_with_no_mail:

@habere-et-dispertire If you email @ErikSchierboom with the same details as above, he can do the same for you. We don’t pull new information via oauth.