Empty published solutions

Not sure why this happens, but I just noticed that some solutions are completely empty

@tasx Thanks.

@ErikSchierboom One bit of code to add, and some data to fix.

  • Code: Tracks::CommunitySolutionsController#show should guard against showing any solutions where @solution.published_iterations is empty.
  • Data: These shouldn’t be in the search indexes either. I don’t know if we need to update the publish to index bit for this, or just if we have some random bad data in there from dropped jobs etc.

This should be fixed now

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I stumbled upon the same Community Solution and it still appears blank :

For me, at least, this solution isn’t searchable anymore and it also does not show while navigating the community solutions page. But i still see empty solutions on the other-solutions div.


I think I missed a spot. PR opened: Remove solutions from index when resetting/destroying account by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5773 · exercism/website · GitHub