Enable comments by default

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I wanted to ask why you decided to disable comments by default?

I’m pretty sure that in the previous Exercism version it was the other way around?

I really liked to be able to reach out and highlight good ideas, discuss decisions or give some advise.


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There’s a few open issues along these lines.

Oh, I haven’t checked the GitHub Issues and only used the forum search :person_facepalming:

Okay, then I will just keep waiting until this feature comes back :upside_down_face:


I just came here to say that I think comments enabled by default would be nice.
Since they’re disabled by default it is almost impossible to find a interesting discussion about a solution as apparently nobody bother to activate them and even I sometimes forget to activate them although I care about them.


The idiocy of having comments disabled by default on a site whose mission it to teach programming is hard to understand. If it was my company, the programmers who implemented that “feature” would be fired on the spot for being too dumb to be employable.

The fact that it now two years on from this idiocy being pointed out and still nothing has been done about it reflects badly on the whole organization.

Wow! Let’s hope none of us ever have to work for one of your companies!


Whilst comments can be very useful, we’ve had enough instances in the past where they were in fact very unhelpful. People would post all sorts of nasty comments, e.g, belittling people or cursing, that many people actually didn’t get any value from comments but worsened their experience.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good comments, but there is a trade-off to be discussed.

I’d also point out you could discuss interesting solutions here or on the Discord. That’d probably work better, since more people would see it by default. Having a discussion on the solution nowadays is inherently limiting by comparison because folks would need to be enrolled in the track, have finished the exercise, come across the solution, and then decide to leave a comment.


It also will never show up if it’s not on the primary solution in a group of matched representations any more.

I’m gonna lock this thread now :slight_smile:

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