Error configuring exercism CLI on Ubuntu

Configuring exercism CLI gives me the following error:

Error: The base API URL '' cannot be reached.

Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Below is the output of exercism troubleshoot:

Troubleshooting Information

Current: 3.2.0
Latest:  3.2.0

Operating System
OS:           linux
Architecture: amd64

Home:      /home/akallank
Workspace: /home/akallank/exercism
Config:    /home/akallank/.config/exercism
API key:   1238*****************************e34

API Reachability

    * [connected]
    * 350.200607ms

    * [Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority]
    * 345.543628ms

If you are having trouble please file a GitHub issue at and include
this information.