Error "unable to dismiss modal" at welcome display

I am new here and wanted to practise a bit in abap…
My Problem is, that i get an error message at the welcome screen after clicking “got it - close this modal”… it says “unable to dismiss modal”

A simillar problem occured after the “welcome world” tutorial from abap…i`m not able to mark the (finished ;) ) excercise as “completed”… message “unable to complete excercise”.

(Tested with google chrome and edge)

I have tried it at work - could it be possible, that our firewall cause the problem?

(Sorry for my bad english :) )

thank you in advice
best regards


Thank you for reporting this. I am unable to reproduce the issue, though. Could you please take a screenshot of your browser’s console output?


After clicking “Got it Close this modal.”:

thx for your help :slight_smile:
best regards

(Could only post one screen per post ;) …therefore a second one with the message from “mark as complete”:

After clicking “confirm” (button disappears):


Thank you! :slight_smile: Could you also take a screenshot of the developer tool’s javascript console output? You can open it with *right-click->Inspect element, then navigate to Console. or using Cmd+Option+J/Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome or see this for other browsers:
Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq.

I hope thats the right one :D :slight_smile:

and here the one from the excercise:

:) thx

It looks like you have some browser extensions running. Could you try disabling those and then retrying please?

I don´t know anything about extensions - perhaps our company has something set.
Where can i find these extensions? (Would have to try to disable them…don´t know if I’m eligible for it)

If you click on this jigsaw puzzle piece - next to the address bar on Chrome - it should show you your installed extensions, and below you can manage them. maybe try uninstalling/disabling them?

In both (edge and chrome) was only “Google docs for office” (called something like that :) ) installed.
Unfortunately the problems are still here after removing :( (also after restarting the browsers)

Is this only happening on your work network? My suspicion is that our PATCH calls are being converted into POST calls by something at the network level. Are you behind a VPN?

No VPN, but we have also an intranet and from time to time a bit “overcautious” firewall :D
Didn´t try it yet at home… will give it a try at the evening… hoped to get it run also at work for “education” when there is some space from time to time :(

Thanks. If you can get it working on the same computer at home, that would be a useful datapoint at least. :slight_smile:

oh - no that won´t be possible… i work with a workstation at work :D …could only try it with my private laptop…(But i don´t think, that this would be a great help for you for “identifying” the problem :D )