Error when submitting F# Hello World solution

I get an error when I try to submit my solution. Here are the details.

This is the error I get

exercism/fsharp/hello-world via .NET v8.0.100 🎯 net8.0
❯ exercism submit HelloWorld.fs
Error: not in workspace: directory location may be case sensitive: workspace directory: /Users/myusername/Exercism, submit path: /Users/myusername/exercism/fsharp/hello-world/HelloWorld.fs

Output from exercism troubleshoot

Troubleshooting Information


Current: 3.2.0
Latest: 3.2.0

Operating System

OS: darwin
Architecture: amd64


Home: /Users/myusername
Workspace: /Users/myusername/Exercism
Config: /Users/myusername/.config/exercism
API key: 0c63*****************************999

API Reachability



Thank you.

Your workspace directory is /Users/myusername/Exercism.

You are working on code in /Users/myusername/exercism.

These paths are different. The tool expects you to work in the workspace directory. If the latter directory is correct, you can use exercism config to update the workspace directory.

Thank you so much. That worked. I never had this issue with my previous submissions (most recent one being about 2 years ago or more).