Errors in Exercism docs

I’m contributing to an analyser, and I was reading the docs on Building Exercism. Found a few mistakes, so I’m reporting them here. If you give me the green signal, I’ll submit a PR.

In the Docker page, general Tooling docker information links to the same page, while it should link to Tooling Docker Setup | Exercism's Docs.

On the Feedback Guidelines page, exercism [sic] isn’t capitalized.

I’ll report more as I find them, and try to correct them.


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@ErikSchierboom if you can take a quick look when able?

@safwansamsudeen thanks for highlighting :raised_hands:

Sure! Open a PR and ping me in it

Great, Erik!

Another thing: in this page about Configlet linting, under the Rule: config.json file is valid section, all the keys are in double quotes. I think these quotes should be removed: can I go ahead with this change?

Anyway, for now: General correction of language, style, and wrong links by safwansamsudeen · Pull Request #436 · exercism/docs · GitHub

Valid JSON requires string values be in double quotes.