Escript error in Gleam exercise

When I try to run tests in the “valentine’s day” exercise I always receive this error

We received the following error when we ran your code:

error: Shell command failure
There was a problem when running the shell command escript.

I can’t even continue the course until the exercise is accepted

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I have the same problem. It is related to Erlang 27. Erlang 26 works just fine for me.
The people at Gleam are aware of this issue.
And a fix is already being worked on.

If you run your code locally, temporarily switching back to Erlang 26 is a workaround.


  • Using the online editor of Exercism, this is not possible as far as I am aware of.
  • Even though your tests succeed when running locally, submitting the exercise will make Exercism still think that the tests fail.

I guess we can only wait until the bug is fixed in Gleam and Exercism also updates their Gleam version.

From the issue it seems that the problem is with the constructor Maybe for type Approval.
If anyone from the exercism team is looking into this bug, is it possible to change the exercise so it doesn’t require Maybe?

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The bug seems to be fixed in Gleam. Now we (Exercism) need to wait for a new release of Gleam.