Excercism no longer available for Mac?

Hey, so I’ve been following the manual install process (because Homebrew isn’t available for Catalina), and on the release page there isn’t a Mac option. Is it just no longer available for Mac? Thanks

I am not 100% sure but darwin might be the right version( I am not a macos user)

For now you have to run the x86_64-darwin version using rosetta if you are running a M1. If you are running an Intel then the x86_64-darwin should work natively.

Re “brew not available” for 10.15: They say “might work, but is not supported officially” on their homepage, so it might work. Though with the 13 Beta being available I’d consider an update (if possible), not necessarily to the beta though :smiley:

@kytrinyx, @iHiD, @ErikSchierboom can you make sure that also an aarch64-darwin gets built for the next releases or even add that to the current release?

We have an open issue for this. Recently, we’ve done some legwork to prepare for this change.

@ee7-1282 do you know how hard it would be to create macOS ARM releases?

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That issue is for configlet - did you see that this forum thread is for the Exercism CLI?

The issue for adding arm64 to the Exercism CLI releases is here. But I think it’s easy to do, since we moved to GoReleaser a few years back. I’ll look into making a PR.

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@ee7-1282 Nope, I missed that :man_facepalming:

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I’ve created goreleaser: add arm64 build for each OS by ee7 · Pull Request #1073 · exercism/cli · GitHub

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