"Excessive sensitivity" of the new navigation bar

I have encountered an inconvenience in the new nav bar design.

When I wish to navigate to a specific track page, I hover over the «Learn» navigation element. The above shown menu then appears, and I drag my mouse to any desired track listed.

However, as indicated by the red lines,

  • the path to the top listed track passes over the «Discover» navigation element, and
  • the paths to the other track all cross over the «#12in23 Challenge» menu item.

As a consequence, when I move my mouse in order to click on one of the listed tracks, it will disappear before I can click on it. This happens in a split second, and I find it quite annoying.

Some quick ideas for how to remedy this:

  • a (probably quite short) time delay on effects from mousing over menu items;
  • a requirement that the pointer’s speed be below a certain limit before any effect kick in.

You’re right. If it’s of any help, I go right and then go down instead of directly diagonal.

But this should be fixed.

I just click on the “learn” tab and i’m taken to the page that lists all my languages. It takes less time. I don’t find these submenus very helpful.

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Actually, I think the whole navigation bar could use something like this. As it is right now the menus unfold at the slightest touch and get in the way of my trying to click on other things, such as the various track tabs («Syllabus», «Exercises», …).