Exercise 2 in Kotlin expected value

I understand the second question twofer(name) is supposed to return a string of the form “One for ${temp}, one for me”, which depends on the ‘name’ parameter. I did that but get an error that says, "No value passed for parameter ‘name’, what is this supposed to mean? I even tried changing the parameter but doesn’t work:

fun twofer(name: String): String {
TODO(“Implement the function to complete the task”)
var op: String
var name_str: String
name_str = name ?: “you”
op = “One for ${name_str}, one for me.”
name = op
return op


  1. Using a codeblock helps make code easier to read.
  2. Did you look at how the test code is calling your function? Pay attention to the parameters in the test code!