Exercise Interest is Interesting

i think there is a mistake in the test 28 of Interest is Interesting:
Assert.Equal(85, SavingsAccount.YearsBeforeDesiredBalance(2_345.67m, 12_345.6789m));

Is far as i’m concerned, the right answer should be 104?

Thanks for all the great work!

I’m positive that the answer is 85 like it expected, i just check my code as well.
And the way exercise being set up, if that was wrong the test suite won’t pass and let you publish it.
It would be helpful if you can copy your code so people can read it and trying to help.
Maybe there is a chance you made a mistake in the yearly interest function or in the if-else chain of interest_rate

Thanks for the quick reply.
You were right, it was a mistake on my side. I assigned the interest rate once, but didn’t check for the 5000 threshold.
For me, it was not clear, that the rate should change, once you hit the threshold.
Thanks for the help!