Exercism CLI inconsistent output for `download` command

When we do a successful download with --force or without if the exercise does not exist, I use the output to change to the directory.

It would be nice for the output to still be usable in the same way when we do not use force option and the directory already exists.

It currently says:

Error: directory '~/exercism/ruby/dnd-character' already exists, use --force to overwrite

But I would argue that it is not an error. I may have invoked it purposefully to get the directory name, and wanted to use that to change directory to the exercise without overwriting the contents of that directory.

If it is an error, still having standard out show the directory name, like is done for a successful call, is helpful.

When it is successful, I notice that stderr is used for the “Downlaoded to” portion, while stdout is used to show directory it was downloaded to.

It would be more useful if the behavior were consistent between the possible calls and conditions.