Exercism CLI: List all tracks, filter by track and difficulty, download all exercises

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In response to a feature that was absent, I took the initiative to enhance the exercism/cli by creating a fork and introducing a list command. This new command provides several functionalities:

  • It allows you to view the tracks you’ve joined.
  • It enables you to see all available tracks.
  • It displays exercises by track.
  • It filters track exercises based on their difficulty level.
  • It downloads all exercises for a specific track that match a certain difficulty level.

Unfortunately, due to a temporary halt on community contributions, which I was unaware of, my Pull Request (PR) was automatically closed. However, this does not prevent you from utilizing the feature I’ve developed. You can still list, filter, and download exercises using this feature. For examples and more details, please refer to the PR.

Here is the PR: Add list command by baduker · Pull Request #1113 · exercism/cli (github.com)

Until community contributions resume, enjoy your coding journey!

Hi there! Thanks for opening this. I’ve commented on the PR, but it’s probably easiest and best to continue the larger discussion points here :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at it and reopening the PR. I agree this needs to be broken up into smaller PR’s. I’ll review the code and should be able to come up with a combination of a refactor + adding a list command.

Hi @iHiD

I hope this message finds you well.

It took me a while (full-time job doesn’t work that well with contributing to Open Software :slight_smile: ), but here’s the initial refactor in preparation for the list command, as discussed in this thread.

Once the PR gets reviewed and (hopefully) accepted (merged?), I’ll implement the list command based on the changes that I’ve previous introduced in this PR.

Here’s the link to the new PR: Initial refactor for list command by baduker · Pull Request #1117 · exercism/cli (github.com)

Looking forward to hearing from you and discussing the changes.

Let me know if you need anything!