Exercism Community Stories - Podcast RSS Feed

Here is the RSS Feed for the Exercism Stories Podcast as requested.


Please shout if there are any issues.


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My podcast app (AntennaPod on Android) tells me that there are no media files associated with the episodes. Looking at the xml file I also don’t see any links to audio files.

Hmm…interesting. Let me dig into this a bit further.

@jonathanmiddleton Here’s a working rss feed: Exercism Community Stories

Could you please add the feed to

so it’s easier to find? (gpodder.net would also be nice but has been broken since August)

Hi @fap - just to update you…



Thank you! :)

And weird about podcastindex.org, because I can’t find the podcast on there… If it doesn’t show up in a week it might be worth to write them an email, I’ll put a note in my calendar and check again later.

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https://fyyd.de/podcast/exercism-community-stories/0 seems to be up already.


I had another look at podcastindex.org and either podbean.com feeds are not supported or we’re running into a bug. After having a look at their GitHub I wasn’t sure what the right repo was to file a report so I sent them an email.

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The email bounced, opened an issue here.