Exercism Jigsaw Puzzle in all its glory


Amazing. This is super cool :heart_eyes:

We changed it up after this version too, so this is the only version of this specific one. Keep it safe - one day it might be worth something!!

I’m going to need a bigger desk then. :slight_smile:

I used to make and send out jigsaw puzzles of photographs (of the kids, pets, whatever) and send them to family members, with the abillty to choose the number of pieces. When they were done, the result would be the “high resolution” result that was suitable for printing if they wanted to print and frame, either with the jigsaw “markings” or without.

Kind of a fun way to share family photos for birthday or holidays.


I am a big fan of jigsaw puzzles. :slight_smile: Where is this one available?

It’s available in the new Exercism Swag Store under Jigsaw Puzzle [Beehive]. I went with the larger 520-piece one which took a few lunch breaks in the office.

Thanks! I will keep it in mind when I want something physical to solve as a break from solving digital things. :wink:

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Hello World solutions from each of the tracks (or more realistically a subset of them) would be a fun puzzle.


Oooh, I love this as an idea!! (cc @kytrinyx @taiyab @jonathanmiddleton @ErikSchierboom!)

This is a brilliant idea!

Nice work! Did you ever read 'Where’s Wally’ books?

The Exercism puzzle made me think about Where’s Wally because of how uniform and busy the pattern is (which in turn makes it difficult!)

@BNAndras you need to frame that - it’s the only one in the world!

that’s rad

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