Exercism Mastodon community

If there is interest in forming a community on Mastodon in some capacity, whether by simply having an official presence, or actually hosting our own instance, the Mastodon docs will tell us everything we need to know.

It’s also an essential resource for anyone interested in setting up an account, because it is very important to understand the differences between this and the more traditional, soul-sucking form of social media that we are accustomed to.

Looking forward to a more community-minded, less exploitative communication platform!


Just setup my account today and would love to see more people from Exercism there!

I’m at @andrerfcsantos@techhub.social

I’m really enjoying it so far and I was able to follow some people I’m following on Twitter, which is great. Looking forward to see new faces there too and recommendations on people to follow are greatly appreciated.

I actually like Twitter. For me it is a great way to keep up with the news on tech. And maybe because I was following people with the right mindset, I see good discussions there. Somehow I seem to manage to avoid the toxicity people experience. Would be great to find something similar on Mastodon. I still doubt this will be the end of Twitter. People who post regularly took years building followers, and people follwing took years at finding the right people to follow. Moving to Mastodon is asking everyone to do a soft-reset on all that, which is hard. I’ll probably keep using Twitter too, because most of the people I like are there (and will probably be there too) but doesn’t hurt to look at alternatives, right? The news of the last days really rubbed me in the wrong way but I’m still a bit in a “wait-and-see” mode as we don’t really know what will happen with Twiiter. I doubt it’ll go down as fast as people are claiming, and I also don’t know Mastodon is the answer, but I’m willing to give it a chance.


My favorite programming-mathematics person, Freya Holmér, has been lamenting the situation very hard, and it helps me empathize with the artists and content creators who would/will be greatly harmed by Twitter going away, as their livelihoods depend on it for discoverability.

I politely told to her that despite her success on the platform, I thought it was holding her back from the quality engagement she truly deserved, and suggested that a social network less biased towards fleeting interactions could be a good thing. But she didn’t seem very keen on the idea so I backed off. I guess she just really, really loves Twitter. Y’all should follow her.

I’m at @bnagyandras@mapstodon.space. My home instance is fairly small, but it’s been pretty active with the data visualization side of my industry (geographic information systems) which I don’t see a lot of in my more technical industry feeds. So far so good, but let me know if there are any other good instances / folks to check out. :slight_smile:

Really nice post on Mastodon: Eleni: “#elixir track on #exercism is …” - Functional Café:

#elixir track on #exercism is giving some really cool feedback on naming conventions!
I’m curious to go read how their analysis works now :open_mouth:


I’ve been on the Fediverse for a couple of years, but have not been super active in the past. Trying to post more regularly right now, even though I currently prefer either forums, chats, or even emails for communication.

If you want to give me a follow: FAP (@fap@mastodon.social) - Mastodon

I think the discoverability issue is a valid criticism when it comes to social movements. I think it’s inherently easier to get noticed or to influence the main stream discourse on a centralized social media platform, as decentralized platforms (eg. Fediverse) or distributed platforms (eg. Scuttlebutt) will be fragmented. Which is a feature, not a bug, but still makes it less suited for some use cases in my opinion.
I’m personally fine with the trade-offs though. :)

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Related for discoverability: Make a post with the #exercism and helpful language tag as well, and when I find those, I boost them for visibility.

Another thing that may be helpful is having your mastodon id @KOTP@ruby.social for example in your profile/bio areas in other spaces.

It’s sad most people don’t see a Fediverse beyond Mastodon. Hit me on Friendica:
Yes! You can follow people from other apps thanks to ActivityPub protocol. And some apps, like Friendica, can even use other protocols, like Diaspora, OStatus, even RSS and (when server allows it) Twitter.

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I ended up joining on mstdn.ca being the Canadian hoser that I am.

Their admin recently released a State of the Instance report. A refreshing dose of transparency.

I’m @glennj@mstdn.ca, but I’m very much a consumer not a producer. I would like to expand my circle: who else is on Mastadon?

Was looking at another part of the Fediverse (My original server went down from 11-12 years ago.) but found these from about 8 years ago…

Exercism tag on Diaspora

I am on the server where Andre is now: @junedev_@techhub.social


I’m happy to read mastodon - or rather the fediverse - is a thing here.

As of now, there are some very good guides how to get started on mastodon, like these:

It’s always a good idea to follow @feditips@mstdn.social (fedi.tips), and once you get an idea how mastodon works compared to other well-known services some of the initial problems like discoverability can be lightened if not mended.

I’m happy to get in touch with you, you’ll find me as @torrocar@fosstodon.org there. Have not yet been very active myself, but I’m reading along and seeing a lot of sensible people over there.

I have completely ditched Twitter in favor of Mastodon a few months ago. I’m @angelikatyborska@mas.to.

@jonathanmiddleton When will we get an official Exercism Mastodon account? :slightly_smiling_face: